Learn more about the Drainage Services we offer below:

    French Drains
    Surface Drains
    Culvert Installation and Replacement
    Soil Composition Remediation



A French Drain consists of a trench that is lined with gravel and uses perforated pipe to carry away excess groundwater, and may be a very effective solution if you have standing water in your lawn. Installation of drainage systems is one of our specialties and we take the time to design a drainage system that will help solve your drainage problems.


Installation of new underground pipes for your downspouts, or replacement of failed corrugated pipes may help eliminate excess groundwater issues. Close to 1000 gallons of water will run off a 1500 square foot roof during a 1” rain storm, and getting this water away from your home or business is important to prevent issues such basement flooding and saturated lawns.


Surface drains such as catch basins and channel drains are effective for dealing with water that is running onto your lawn from an adjacent property or collecting in a concentrated area. Intercepting this water before it makes its way onto your property will help prevent your lawn from becoming saturated and maintain the capability of the soil to absorb rainwater.


Maintaining the correct grade when preparing a new lawn or correcting the grade of an existing lawn can be one of the most important considerations for good drainage. A minimum slope of 2 percent should be used in turf areas to keep away from foundations. When minimum slope cannot be maintained, creating swales can help redirect water in low-lying areas.


Culvert pipes allow for the flow of water from roadside ditches under your driveway or parking lot entrance. Precision Excavating installs culvert pipes for new driveways and we can replace existing culvert pipes that have failed. We install new or replacement culvert pipes made out of reinforced concrete or heavy wall plastic for a long service life.


The soils of northeast Ohio are comprised mostly of clay, which does not have very good drainage characteristics. Modifying the composition of the soil should be done during grading and can be helpful for improving drainage by adding compost, organic matter, and lime. Addition of organic matter is a long-term solution, whereas the effects of adding lime may be noticed sooner.   Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next drainage project!