Learn more about the Excavating and Grading Services we offer below:

    Site Excavating
    Site Grading
    New Construction Grading
    Utility Trenching
    Soil and Aggregate Hauling
    Waterway Maintenance
    Retaining Walls



For almost any new construction project, soil needs to be excavated for the installation of structures and utilities. Our site excavation services include excavating for new construction of foundations, basements, footings, concrete and asphalt driveways, ponds, swimming pools, or any other construction project that begins below grade.


When you’re preparing for new construction on an undeveloped piece of land, modifying an existing grade on your property, or completing a new structure or project you need to know your grading is done correctly to prevent future problems. You can count on us for professional site grading services for construction and installation of buildings, lawns, riding arenas, and driveways.


For new construction homes and businesses we offer a complete grading package from rough grading all the way to the final grade and seeding. By working with us, the customer does not have to find one contractor to complete the rough grading then schedule a second contractor to complete the grading and seeding which helps reduce costs and saves time.


Installation of underground utilities requires that trenches are dug accurately and within code guidelines so that proper functionality of the utilities is assured and future problems are prevented. We make sure your trenches are at the proper depth or slope as necessary for electrical cable and conduit, gas pipe, and water, sewer, and drainage pipes.


Precision Excavating is now offering delivery of soil, mulch, and gravel to your home or project site. We work with many different suppliers throughout northeast Ohio so that we can get you the best prices based on your location and how much material you need. You can fill out a material delivery quote request here or call us for more information.


Over time creeks, streams, and ponds can become filled with sediment that will impede water flow and limit capacity during rain storms. Regular maintenance of these waterways is necessary to prevent flooding problems and maintain water flow. We can clean out sediment, rocks, debris, or fallen trees that may be causing issues on your property.


Choosing a contractor that builds segmental retaining walls to NCMA standards will ensure that you will have a wall that will maintain its strength and integrity for years to come. We offer products from various manufacturers that have a variety of colors and textures of block, making it easy to select one that will look great on your property.   Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next excavating or grading project!